Nurture Leads with

Automated Journeys

We have created an easy-to-use way for you to automate your customer’s buying journey, saving you time and money, while being much more efficient.

Visualise the Customer Journey

An automated journey is an automated experience for your customer. You can use Zymplify’s journey feature to see the customer’s journey as they travel through the buyer funnel.

Nurture Leads

With Zymplify’s journey feature, you’ll be able to nurture your leads through the buyer funnel, with target content and marketing messages.

You’ll be able to send these messages that you know will resonate with them, at the right stages of their customer experience – because timing is everything.

Why Automation?

74% of marketers who have adopted a customer journey strategy agree that it has positively impacted overall customer engagement.

As the path to conversion has become more complex, the ability to connect with shoppers at any stage of their buying journey via any channel, on any touch point is a true foundation for businesses to connect with their prospects and remain at the forefront of their mind.

Be Personal

Deliver marketing messages that your audience wants to hear when they want to hear about it. Create timely and personal messages that will connect your business with your current customers and potential prospects.

Journey Triggers

Triggers are used to start journeys and onboard contacts onto the journey – some of our triggers include:

List trigger: if someone gets added to a specific list

Time trigger: a specific date or time

Page visited: when someone visits a particular web page

Enters a pipeline: if someone gets added to a particular pipeline on Zymplify

Journey Actions

Actions are the events and activities that you do with a contact to move them further through your journey – some of our actions include:

Send email: choose which email you would like to get sent to your contact at that particular stage of the customer journey

Add to list: depending on how your contacts engage with your customer journey, you can add contacts to particular lists, to segment them for further marketing

Eject from journey: your contact has maybe completed all the steps you wanted them to go through, so you can eject them from the journey.

Journey Conditions

Conditions check whether a contact meets the specified criteria – some conditions include:

Time delay: this allows you to add delays in between steps of your journey, this can ensure that your contacts wait a number of days between each email, or that perhaps your wait 3 days before you check whether they have clicked on an email, etc.

Is on list: this allows you to check whether certain contacts are on another list. This is beneficial if you have a particular journey that is used to convert contacts to a customer, but you want to eject those users that are already in your customer list.